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 Post subject: Re: Calavera
PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:44 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: Calavera
PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:29 pm 
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avidtest wrote:
This leads us back to the CDFW, aka, “Coastal Diminutive Fidget Weasel”. One should typically take pains to avoid encounters with the Diminutive Fidget Weasel. While they do not pose a threat of any real consequence, an interaction with a CDFW can contribute to feelings of frustration, irritation, and overall reduction of the enjoyment of nature.

Coastal Diminutive Fidget Weasels have particularly nasty personalities, (in contrast to many non-coastal varieties of the species). For this reason they are commonly referred to as “Golems”, “Grinches” and “Trolls”. Their diet consists primarily of “second harvest” and poison oak. This makes them easy to avoid however, since they emit a particularly noxious odor.

They are known to go out of their way if they believe they can negatively impact the generally good and gentle nature of roaming groups of Urban YETI. In fact, there are even reports that they will take a “scorched Earth” approach to the destruction of preferred YETI habitat.

Reportedly, Coastal Diminutive Fidget Weasels have a preference for creating flat wide trails and often prefer to travel on established fire roads, particularly right after a heavy rain period. They seem to enjoy creating deep indentations in the muddy soil in an effort to make their presence known, well after they have exited the area.

While their malodorous nature lends itself to destructive behaviors, they do have the capacity to build. Unfortunately, observation shows they primarily enjoy building long barriers that scar the land, in an attempt to create their own private habitat. It has proven to be a useless endeavor and it is not yet known what compels them toward this behavior.

Coastal Diminutive Fidget Weasels are typically a reclusive anti-social ‘loner’ species. Often, a single Fidget Weasel will be the only CDFW within a large area of land. This is good news for all the other creatures, although rather sad for the Coastal Diminutive Fidget Weasel since the other animals can scarcely tolerate their unpleasant and disagreeable nature.

Of note; during rutting season, the temperament of the CDFW becomes particularly hostile and destructive. They have been known to incorporate tools to aggressively destroy the beautiful trail systems that were created by Urban YETI for the use of all creatures to enjoy in harmony. Thankfully, studies show that this behavior is often short-lived. After wreaking havoc within an area, they may disappear for years in between rutting seasons, with their walls and barriers as the only trace left behind.

If you encounter a Coastal Diminutive Fidget Weasel while out enjoying nature, it is best to give them a wide berth. There are reports that this Coastal variety may camouflage themselves and lay in wait, in a rather sneaky behavior designed to confront Urban YETI. In those instances, because CDFW are a slothful and slow-moving creature, one can typically speed away without fear of a hostile encounter.

The Coastal Diminutive Fidget Weasel is still evolving. There is evidence that someday, they may develop greater mental capacity, a friendlier temperament and improved social skills. Scientists are exploring methods to accelerate this development, as it would lead toward their holistic integration into the system, to the great benefit of Urban YETI and overall enjoyment for all other creatures.

*Studies show that other non-coastal varieties of the DFW species exhibit much greater intelligence and positive disposition.

Never heard them described as "Coastal Diminutive Fidget Weasels" before. I had to Google it for further research. One search came up with another name:
Public Recreation Inhibiting Clownish Killjoys"

Man, you can find just about anything on the web :cheers:

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